Artist Statement

Since I began painting as a vocation, I would fixate on a subject.  In the early days it was the Big Dig.  I loved the straight lines and bold colors.  Later, it became faces – using black and white photos I would then paint faces in my choice of colors and using any face that interested me – sometimes, I even knew the subject.  Our current house was built into a large rock outcrop so I began exploring the texture and structure of these old rocks.  And now since I was in the hospital last year, I became intrigued with the shapes of the fluids and the grace of the cords used to enter my body – clearly I was bored there!

In the engagement of this variety of subject matter, I realized that what I really liked was doing them.  I always hope for a brilliant painting but since it doesn’t always come, I do love the experience of producing it.

 I love color, I love working with color and I work standing at my easel. It can be three or four hours before I realize that perhaps my feet or back is tired or should be. The application of the paint to a surface, be it paper or canvas that has me totally absorbed. I came to realize that it is the process of making a painting is what keeps me totally engaged .